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9Gag is an online platform where users can upload own-generated content. This platform can also be referred to as a social media website. It is a HongKong based platform. And, it was launched in mid of 2008. This platform is full of meme pictures and videos. This platform doesn’t only have its own website. But also, there is an app available of 9Gag for android as well as ios devices. so, you can keep connected with it anytime and anywhere. The users can upload their user-generated content through the website or app. This content which is being uploaded can be of different types. And, those types are images, gifs, videos and much more. Also, the content is being divided into sections. So, it would be easy for the users to navigate through the section which is related to the content they are looking for. A lot of sections are available.

With the number of sections, you won’t get bored under any circumstance while using it. But, you don’t have any particular choice. Then, you can go into the trending and latest post collection. If you want to upload your content then you can sign up. It is a pretty simple process and will be done within a few clicks. There are also two themes light and dark available for both website and application.

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