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Ace of Spades – Download & System Requirements

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Ace of Spades is a sandbox video game that allows team-based first-person shooting. It is set up in a sandbox environment. This game is pretty different from other games. It was first released in the year 2012. Also, this software is developed and distributed by Jagex. The main gameplay of the game is such that it has two teams of 16 players. Those teams have to battle it out with each other in order to win the game. Both of the teams have to try to get the intelligence briefcase of the opposite. And, then return to their own base. So, whoever did that first will win the game. Moreover, it has voxel-based graphics with block-building. So, it will provide you with a different and unique experience. The game can only be played in a multiplayer option. Other than that, there is a large number of maps available in the game.

Along with the above features, Ace of Spades offers cross-platform compatibility. It means that the game is available for multiple platforms. Those platforms are:

The game is a mixture of different genres. And, a lot of people love the game because of that reason. Although the development of the game has been discontinued, it is still available to download and play. So, the player looking for a unique game can surely go for this one.

Ace of Spades
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