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Ali2Woo is a platform that offers dropshipping services to users. So, the users can get the product shipped out without any hassle. For that, it offers a plugin to the users which they have to install it on their online store. Also, this plugin has the support with which it can import the products directly from AliExpress. These AliExpress products will be imported with description, title and images too. So, you don’t have to do much customizations for the products. And, you can start selling them immediately. But in case if you want to edit any product then it can also be done. The plugin provides support to edit and customize the product listing including the image the way you want. Because it is your own store. So, you should have 100% ownership over it. Also, the products and their prices are automatically updated so it has the latest prices.

Other than above, Ali2Woo provides filters while you are importing the product. With this filter, you can filter the products and their information which you are importin from the AliExpress. So, you can shy away from manual customization when you import a lot of products. The image editor is available built-in. So, it can assist you in editing any image. Or, you can change it if you want to. Also, it provides you support to multi-currency.

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