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Amazon Prime Photos – Download & Software Review

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Amazon Prime Photos is a software in which you can easily store, manage and organize all of your photos. The software is available free of cost for the users. It is pretty easy to use and intuitive software. Moreover, it offers you with a cross-platform which is available for various devices. It includes:

So, you will get a desktop as well as a mobile application. Because of which, you can use it on your PC or smartphone. In this way, there won’t be any type of compatibility issue. Although, it is free to install the software. But, the services differ slightly. It offers two plans: one is a Free plan and the other one is for Prime members. In the free plan, you will have 5GB storage in which you can easily store images. While the prime members will get unlimited storage to store images online.

Furthermore, Amazon Prime Photos allows seeing the photos from your past with respect to date. So, you can easily relive your memories again. Also, it includes a feature to search for images with the help of places, things, etc. Also, it has a sharing feature. Through it, you can easily share pictures of your group of friends and family with taking care of privacy as well. You just need an Amazon account to have its access to features and tools. Also, it has an auto-save and backup feature within it too.

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