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BL.Ink is a popular platform that provides service of URL shortening to the users. And, this platform covers all the features which can simplify any user’s work. Also, this offers premium services to users. Although, if you want to use it before you actually buy it. Then, you can go for the 21 days trial which they provide. In this trial version, you will use all the services. And, if you like it then you can buy the full paid version of the service. The foremost feature of this platform is to shorten a URL. It’s pretty easy and simple. Once you have registered then you can enter any URL which you want. After the shortening process, which will take a few seconds, you can post or share it on whichever platform you want. And, you will get all the information about that URL on your dashboard are:

All of this information will help you in increasing the audience. And, you can easily seal those loopholes which may have a bad effect on it. BL.Ink has a very good user interface. Also, the dashboard is pretty attractive and intuitive. On the dashboard, you will have all the information about the links and other general statistics. Other than that, you can add “Tags” to any URL which you want. This will help you in categorizing the links in a customized way.

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