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Blackmagic Fusion – Download & Software Review

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Blackmagic Fusion is a post-production software which is used to create visual effects and digital compositing for films. It is developed by Blackmagic Design. In this software, you can create animations and visual effects with the help of various tools available in it. These tools are pretty advanced and at the same point very easy to use. Unlike other software, this software has a node-based workflow. In it, a node tree which is made with the help of various nodes. It’s like a flow chart. So, it gives you a better understanding and full control over every element. Also, you will have a 3D workspace to work on all your projects. You can create and render the shots which combine 2D footage with 3D models as well graphics. It has mattes and keying which will help you in maintaining small details of the image.

It provides you rotoscoping. So, you can isolate and use shapes from the other objects. Stabilization is a must in these types of tools. This software will let you track and stabilize your objects in the shot to make it look more realistic. Blackmagic Fusion will provide you with sparkling and swirling effects with the help of 3D particle generator. It provides you with 32-bit floating colours with a colour toolset and Open Color I/O. So, you can get crisp colours for your video.

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