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Business Calendar 2 – Download & Application Review

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Business Calendar is a personal organizer application which offers calendar services to the users. So, the users can easily maintain their schedule according to the dates. Also, this application is developed and distributed by Appgenix Software. It is considered as an improved version of its predecessor called Business Calendar. The main feature is that it offers customizable calendars. You can seamlessly make modifications in it as per your choice. Moreover, there is an integration feature as well. So, you will be able to integrate it with the other existing calendars in Gmail, phone’s calendar and Outlook. In this way, this application will keep you update with each event itself. Plus, it allows you to display the calendar in different views like Yearly, Monthly, Weekly, and Daily. Birthdays feature will let you add the birthdays which you want to remember. It will alert you whenever there is a birthday.

Along with the above features, Business Calendar 2 is only available for Windows devices. The user interface is modern, intuitive and simple to use. The planner is pretty flexible. It will sync all the national holidays according to your nationality. Also, there over 600 emoticons available within the application. You can use these to express yourself better. It can also be used as a widget on the home screen. Scheduling an appointment is pretty great and won’t take much time in doing so. You can just drag the events quickly.

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