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ButtleOFX – Download & Software Review

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ButttleOFX is a free and open-source node-based compositing software that allows you to create visual special effects in your photos as well as videos. It was first developed by a group of French students. This is an all-around software with tons of features in it. It has a Graph Editor which will connect nodes for you. In this way, this software is simple and easy to understand. Other than that, you can customize the effects by using the Parameter Editor. It also provides you three different layouts of Workspace in it. These workspaces are made by keeping in mind what a user will actually need while doing work in them. Also, it has a plug-in architecture. So, you can download a lot of plug-ins in it as per your need. The list of plug-ins that are available for it is given on the official website of ButtleOFX.

This software has also made easy to search for your images and even import them. It offers an integrated browser within the software. You can easily import the images and find them through the browser. The features are pretty awesome. But, the interface of this software is very simple and intuitive. The interface is designed in such a y that you can create high-standard effects even without using a graph.

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