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CoffeeCup HTML Editor – Download & Software Review

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CoffeeCup HTML Editor is a software which used as HTML editor. And, it is old yet effective software. Because it has evolved with the advancement of technology. This software was first released back in the year 1996. Also, it is available for both Windows as well as Mac OS devices. So, there are not much compatibility issues for users. This is a premium software. There are a lot of intuitive tools available in it. And, these make it very easy to use. It offers a lot of features like auto-completion code, instantly update any changes over the website and much more. Furthermore,  this software also provides support to javascript. So, you can make dynamic websites easily. Also, it has support to split screening editing. It helps you to preview your code on a browser at the same time when you are coding. And, these features come with a simple interface.

Along with the above features, CoffeeCup HTML Editor offers you S-drive for synchronization. So, you can easily synchronize your work. Moreover, there is a feature which lets you upload FTP in it. And, this feature is a built-in feature. All of these features make this software very fast and reliable. Also, it can easily be used by beginners. Because it is not so complex software.

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