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Comodo IceDragon – Download & Software Review

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Comodo IceDragon is a freeware browser that allows you to perform fast as well as secured internet surfing over the web. It is an open-source web browser whose source code can be accessed easily in order to check any backdoors. Also, it is developed and distributed by Comodo group. Moreover, this browser is based on the Firefox project. Due to this, it has support to a large number of plugins which are supported by the Firefox browser. So, you can easily add them and that too, without any cost. The most important feature is that it is fully built for secure browsing. Also, you can experience it at pretty fast internet speed. Other than that, it is pretty easy to install, setup and use as well. Also, it has a feature that scans each web-page that you visit from within the browser for any malware to keep your device safe.

Along with the above features, Comodo IceDragon has support to a unique as well as secure DNS services. Through this feature as preference is set through which most authoritative answers to any DNS request are given. In simpler words, the browser is set on an auto-pilot mode. So, it can automatically avoid any type of malware as well as sketchy websites. This browser is only available for Windows devices. Although it is based upon the firefox project. But still, it is a much faster, secured and versatile browser as compared to the Firefox browser.

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