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CoPilot GPS – Review & Application Download

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CoPilot GPS is a platform which offers mapping and GPS services to the users. It provides pretty accurate and reliable maps. So, one can trust on it for sure. This platform is developed and distributed by Trimble Inc. The main feature is that it provides complete offline support with GPS navigation. It enables you to get to your destination and see maps without the internet. There is no reason to worry about your network connection. Moreover, it is a paid service. For the US, it charges $10 while for Europe, you will have to pay $45 because of its large area. You can try it for free with the help of 14-days free trial plan. So, you can get to know about it more and experience it in reality. After that, you can buy it. There are millions of people using it around the world to reach their destinations.

Along with the above features, CoPilot GPS offers a cross-platform application which is available for multiple platforms. Those platforms include:

The application is completely free to download from their respective app stores. There is another great feature that it allows you to decide between vehicles like car, truck or caravan. Then, it will guide you through the best route with less ETA. Also, it has some in-app purchases which you can perform if you want some additional features. The user interface is pretty simple, intuitive and easy to use.

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