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Cuttly is a URL shortening platform through which you can shorten any link. And, this platform will help you in simplifying the management of links. Also, it provides you features with which you can easily track and manage all those links. Moreover, it’s pretty easy for you to set up on this platform. For that, you just have to sign up on the official website. It will be don within a number of clicks in a few minutes. After it, you can shorten any link which you want. Once you have shortened a link. Then, you can share it on any social media or other platforms. This platform offers you the Advanced Links/URL Tracking system. So, you can track any URL which you need to. In this tracking system, you will get the following information.

With this information, you can surely enhance your strategy. And, it will lead to an increase in your earnings. All of this information will be given in the form of graphs or pie charts. So, it can be simple for users. And, can be understood easily. Moreover, Cuttly is offering you these numbers of features with a great intuitive user interface. The user interface is very attractive and easy to understand. Other than that, the link management is also pretty easy because of the features available in it.

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