Top Best Alternative – Download App & Review is an online dictionary through which you can also translate text from one language to another. It is multi-lingual as well as free service for the users. Also, this service was first launched in the year 2002. The main office of this company is based in Vienna. It has evolved with time and now it is one of the most reliable online translators. Moreover, it provides support to over 27 different languages other than English. So, it means that you can easily translate text from any of 27 languages to English. The main feature is that it offers you with a browser extension which is available for different browsers. So, you can easily add that extension in your browser. Then, you can translate a text or get to know the meaning of any word through it. Other than that, it allows you to download vocabulary for offline use.

Along with the above features, extension has a feature through which you can double click on a word to know the meaning of it. There is another great thing about it that it offers you a cross-platform application available for:

So, it is easy for you to access it through your smartphone. All of these features make this application pretty extensive and efficient. Also, keeping in mind its accuracy, it can easily be a great choice for you. Moreover, it can also be used offline.
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