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Digital Ocean is an American company which is a cloud computing infrastructure platform. This platform was founded and launched in 2011. Digital Ocean, LLC owns this company. The services are provided all over the world through this platform. So, the data centres are also located across the globe. There are over 12 data centres located in the world over different places. Other than that, the services are provided in almost 195 countries because of which, it is one of the most trustworthy and reliable cloud computing services. Also, there are over 1 million developers who are using this service. These cloud services help the users to run, scale and deploy the next-generation application. And, these applications are also tested on it by running them simultaneously on the multiple systems. As of now, Digital ocean is the third-largest cloud hosting company in the world. It gives support to a wide range of operating systems.

Also, it allows you to install gitlab, node.js, WordPress or any other resource with just one-click install. So, you can shy away from any type of command lines. Other than these, it is pretty easy to set up an account. And, you will surely need an account if you want to use any of its services. For that, you just have to start by picking a plan. And after that, just fill up some of your personal information. Also, there are a number of plans available which you can extend and resize at any time.

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