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Dropbox Paper – Download & Software Review

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Dropbox Paper is a software which is used as a document editing application by the user. And, it also referred to just as “Paper” by a few people. This software is developed and distributed by DropBox. Also, it was first launched back in the year 2017. There is a web application available for the users. While the android and iOS device owners can also download it from their respective app stores. Like others, this software also offers the same service of creating notes and documents. And, edit them as well. But, there is another feature which sets this software apart. And, that feature is this software focuses more on collaboration and teamwork. Although, it can be a great choice for individuals. But still, it has a lot of features which allows you to share ideas, audios, images and videos one another. In this way, your performance will become more efficient.

Along with the above features, Dropbox Paper has introduced a new feature to organize all the documents. It allows you to make mobile folders. So, you can add your notes to them. Afterwards, it will be easy for you to find any note when you look for it. Moreover, it also offers to archive as well as delete options which you can use on your documents.

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