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DxO PhotoLab – Download & Software Review

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DxO Photolab is a software which is used for photo editing and processing. And, it was previously known as OpticPro. But then the name changed to Photolab. Also, this software is developed and distributed by DXO Labs, a French Company. In this software, you will find a complete solution for image editing. And, it used the non-destructive raw stream. It also includes U-Point technology in it. With this, there are other features available in it like correction tool, degraded filter, and automatic masking brush. So, you can use this feature in order to edit images. Other than that, it provides an automatic correction tool. With this tool, the software improves the image quality itself. And, it is done by enhancing the sharpness of raw images. Then, it provides you with a high-quality clear image with no distraction. Other than tools, it also provides RAW support to almost 400 cameras.

Along with that, DxO Photolab allows you to organize and import the images. So, you will be able to organize and sort the images into folders. With importing features, you can convert the file format of an image from one to another. The image format solely depends on what you are going to do with the image. Also, this software is available for Mac OS and Windows devices. So, you don’t have any compatibility issues.

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