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Edo Agenda – Download & Application Review

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Edo Agenda is an all-in-one application which provides different calendar solutions to the users. It will enable you to keep track of your daily routine and make it efficient. Also, this application is developed and distributed by Srl. The main feature is that it is a feature-rich application which provides a lot of features and functions to work upon. These features include:

So, it acts as an all-in-one personal organizer. It will allow you to create your To-Do lists for the day. In this way, you will be able to complete all the tasks on time. Also, it takes a few minutes in order to schedule an event. So, you can be notified in time for the event. Sometimes ideas come in not so preferred situation but you can note it down with the help of this application easily and never forget it.

Along with the above features. Edo Agenda is a cross-platform application which is available for multiple platforms. Those platforms include:

You can download it without any cost from their respective application stores. But, there is a web version available which can be accessed through any web browser on your local desktop. So, you are able to access it from anywhere at any time. The Daily Planner will help you in effectively scheduling all the tasks for the day. And, the user interface is also pretty attractive and modern.

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