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Family House – Download & System Requirements

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Family House is a life simulation game which is primarily based on a dollhouse. It is a free to play game. So, the players can play it without any cost. Also, this game is developed and distributed by 1905 Games. The gameplay is such that the player will build a house where a whole family can live. In return, you will collect rent from that in-game family. So, it can be used to upgrade as well as expand your fantasy house. All of this is created in a virtual world. In this way, it can turn into a grand mansion. Moreover, there are a variety of quests available within the game. It will help you in earning several rewards and gifts as well. There is a garden as well where you can grow different plants & fruits. So, this game will let you do all of the real-life day-to-day things.

Along with the above features, Family House is available for multiple platforms which makes it a cross-platform game. Those platforms consist of:

Although the game is totally free yet there are different in-app purchases. These include the features and functions which can only be brought in order to use it. Not only your family, but there are also neighbours and friends whom you can visit. There are several generations of your family which can be explored within the game. So, you can know about your ancestors.

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