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File Manager by Asus – App Download & Review

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File Manager is software which will manage all the file whether those are saved on internal or external storage. So, it will scan all the device’s memory. And, this software is developed and distributed by AsusTek Computer. Also, it is a very lightweight application with a simple user interface. Moreover, this software also assists you in managing files which are shared upon a network or over cloud storage. These features are rarely found in any of the file management software. In this, you will be easily able to cut, paste, copy, rename and move the files. Other than that, this software also allows you to compress files into an archived format. So, it can save a good amount of storage space of your device. Also, it provides support to the cloud storage account of multiple platforms like Dropbox, Asus WebStorage, Google Drive, etc. So, there are no compatibility issues.

Furthermore, File Manager also offers you to manage files through LAN(Local Area Network) as well as SMB(Samba) network. All of these features will surely run smoothly in the application. Also, there won’t be any type of lagging issues in it. There is another important feature that provides you with everything categorically at the home screen of the app. Then, it will help you in browsing the files quickly as well as efficiently. Also, you will get all of these features for free.

File Manager by Asus
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