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FX File Explorer is an application which is used as file manager by the users. And, it is only available for Android devices. This software is developed and distributed by NextApp, Inc. Also, there are two versions available of the software. The first one is the free version while the second one is the premium version. Most importantly, the free will provide some of the advanced features too which can be pretty helpful. Also, there are no annoying ads available in the free version too i.e. it is totally ad-free. The interface is quite cool and attractive because it comes with a material design UI. The home screen will have all the important folders or files. And, the importance of a file will be adjudged by how many time you have visited or opened it. In this way, you can open a file or folder quickly without wasting time.

Along with the above features, FX File Explorer provides you with basic functions like copy, cut, paste, move, edit, rename and much more which you can apply to a file or folder. Also, it provides support to multiple windows. It means that you can open and view two windows at a single time. Other than that, it has support to almost all of the important archived file formats.

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