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Gihosoft iManager – Download & Software Review

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Gihosoft iManager is a software that allows you to efficiently manage your iPhone. It also enables you to send and receive files between two devices. This software is developed and distributed by Gihosoft. The main feature of the software is that it allows you to manage all of your device’s content like audio, video, photos, contacts, notes, and much more. All of this data can be organized and sorted in one place. It will surely save you from a lot of hassle as well as wasting time. Moreover, it has support for one-click transfer. Through it, you will be able to transfer any type of data from any of your iOS devices to a computer. It will be performed at a pretty high speed and won’t require a lot of time. Plus, it has support for the latest iOS version. So, there won’t be any compatibility issues.

Along with the above features, Gihosoft iManager offers cross-platform compatibility which means that it is available for multiple platforms. Those platforms are:

There is another great feature in the software that allows you to backup your iOS files. So, you are easily able to recover your data if it is lost. Plus, it also allows you to view, access as well as export any data from the iTunes backup files. It can even encrypt the backup in order to ensure security and protection of it.

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