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Globus VPN Browser – Download & Software Review

Globus VPN Browser

Globus VPN Browser is a software which provides you two things which are given below:

And, it will automatically pin the browser on the Windows Taskbar. Also, the installation of the software is pretty easy and hassle-free. So, it won’t take much time and tension in installing it because it doesn’t install any hidden crapware with it. Moreover, the VPN agent which is installed will always start with the device. Also, it will remain in the system tray until the device is turned off. It will provide you with an IP address of the UK. But, you can select amongst other available countries and their IP addresses if you want to. Other than that, the browser is also pretty simple and easy to use. The user interface is intuitive and you will easily be able to use it without any need for tutorials. Also, it has support to a built-in Firewall which will take care of any type of virus or security breach coming from any third-party website.

Along with the above features, the Globus VPN Browser has another great feature that allows you to bypass any type of regional block. It means that you can easily open any website which is blocked in a particular region. Also, it is free to download. So, you can use it without any cost.

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