Top Best Alternative : Reviews & Ratings Logo is a website to search and find beautiful homestays to stay for a night, week or long term. When you are going on vacation then you find a place where you can stay. If that place is a homestay then it will be much awesome. Because then you won’t feel away from home and you keep getting a homely feeling. provides you with more than 33k homestays in over 160 countries. You will be living in a home with a local of that city to which you are travelling. The person is called “Host” and generally is the owner of the place where you are staying. That can be great as you will get to know more about the city to which you are going to from your host. The homestays which are offered by them are always of a high standard in terms of quality.

While you are searching for a home you can also lookout for the amenities which you want with that place. Like, you can have access to the kitchen if you are planning to stay for a longer period. You can be a student going to abroad for an internship, on a work trip or just a traveller. will get you the right house at a very affordable price. You can also list your place on this website for the people to stay when they visit your city. In this way, you can share your experience with others and get theirs too. It can also be a source of an Extra Income.

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