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I2P – Download & Software Review

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I2P is a network layer that is anonymous and it allows you to browse or communicate over the web anonymously. It is an overlay network that follows Peer to Peer approach. Because of this approach, it is able to maintain anonymity across the network. It was first released in the year 2003. Also, the original authors of this network are the I2P Team itself. The main feature of this network layer is that it allows you to do censorship-resistant. It means that any third-party can’t remove or modify content created by someone else. Moreover, as it follows Peer to Peer approach, it also offers you with Peer to Peer communication. It is one of the safest ways to communicate over the web. The message is sent from one device to another device in an encrypted form. Then, it is decrypted on the device where the message has been sent.

Along with the above features, I2P achieves anonymous connections through encrypting the traffic of users. It uses end-to-end encryption techniques because of which it takes care of your privacy and security efficiently. The full form of I2P is the Invisible Internet Project It provides you with two software which is given below:

There is another great feature of this layer which is that it is free as well as open-source. So, you can access its source code if you want to. Also, it is a cross-platform software  available for:

So, you can download it for any operating system you want. Also, it is available in multiple languages which makes it a multi-lingual software.

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