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ICICI Pockets Review

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ICICI Pockets is a mobile application that is launched by ICICI. This application allows users to transfer money and e-wallet where you can keep your funds. The most important thing is that it is powered by VISA. Because of which user from any bank can use this without any worry. It is a cross-platform application. Because it offers you application for Android and iOS devices. Moreover, it is available for free. It acts as a digital banking service. And, one of the main features is that it offers Virtual Credit Card to all the users. This card can easily be used to transfer money, shop online and much more. Other than that, it also allows you to book movie tickets, recharge mobile, paying several bills. All of these works can be done only through one application. It helps you to make centralized control of your accounts as well as funds.

Along with the above features, ICICI Pockets also has a feature with which you can check the balance of your account. And, it allows you to view your 10 previous transactions. With this number of features, it has become an all-in-one solution that can be used to manage and access your bank account anytime & anywhere. Setting up is also very easy through an application. You can register yourself within just minutes.

ICICI Pockets
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