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IGTV : Website Review | App Download


IGTV is a video sharing platform that is launched by Instagram. This is also known as Instagram TV. It was released back in the mid of 2018. This platform was launched so that Instagram users can upload longer videos. On this platform, the length of videos that can be uploaded is more as compared to that of Instagram. Priorly, this service was released within the applications of Instagram or on its website. But now, the standalone application is also available. This application is available for both androids as well as ios devices. To open or use this platform, you need an Instagram account for it. Although, the service is totally free and available for all the users. Also, this is a completely ad-free platform. So, you don’t have to deal with any type of annoying ads. The videos in the IGTV section will be uploaded by the pages you liked.

Along with that, you can also see some other videos in the explore section. And, that content will be based on your interest. As for content creators, Instagram TV can be one of the best platforms available right now. To upload videos, you just need to create a profile or business page on the Instagram app. And then, you can easily upload the videos on the IGTV. Also, the main feature of IGTV is that the videos don’t get deleted after 24 hours. So, the new user which will connect with you will be able to see your old videos as well.

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