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Kamatera is a company which provides cloud computing service to its users. This company is owned by Kamatera Inc. This platform is the one which will provide you high-performance and efficient cloud infrastructure. Also, it won’t require any kind of high maintenance. And, all of those will be at a very low cost. On this platform, you can setup a server for minimum amount of $4. Yes, it is correct. Also, this is the cheapest cloud computing platforms which are available. So, it has made it one of the most affordable for an individual. It allows you to build, run and deploy servers. The deployment of servers on this platform is done under 60 seconds. Then, it is delivered to you right away. It is because of a specific reason as the latest processors are used by it. The processor used is Intel Xeon Gold which is 3 times faster.

You can select any of the available plans without any worry. Because it easily allows you to upgrade the plan at any time. By upgrading, it means that you can increase the storage space, number of CPUs and also, RAM. And, all of it will be done with the help of a few clicks in just minutes. Also, if you want to try the service of the platform, first. Then, you can go for the 30 day trial period.

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