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Kotak 811 Review

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Kotak 811 is a platform that offers a modern bank account to the users. As the name suggests, this platform is launched and operated by Kotak Mahindra Bank. This bank account has quite a lot of features. It can be created within minutes. Moreover, it also has a dedicated application for it which is available on Android and iOS devices. So, you can manage and access your account through it pretty easily. It also offers you to create an account with zero balance as well as having a premium. But, the most important feature is that it will provide you with a Virtual Debit Card. Also, it is available without any cost. The physical card is also there whose charges are 299 P.A. There will be minimal paperwork for it. Also, the virtual credit card will be given to you instantly. And, you can start using it quickly.

Furthermore, Kotak 811 does verification through KYC which is a purely online process. Also, the interest which they are offering is 6% which more than any other bank. The application also provides a feature through which you can easily pay with help scanning. It is a more secure and quick way to do transactions. There are different types of bank accounts available which are given below:

Each of these has its own features, requirements, and specifications.

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