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Light Table is a software which provides functions and features of an Integrated Development Environment to the software engineers. So, they can develop new applications and test them too. This software was first released in the year 2012. Also, it is developed and distributed by Kodawa, Inc. The main feature of the software is that it provides real-time feedback on the source code after instant execution. It helps in debugging the code. So, it can run without any errors as well as warnings. Moreover, it also allows you in accessing the documentation which can help you in understanding it easily. In this way, the real-time feedback about your code will increase your efficiency and code can be ready in some less time. Other than that, it is open-source and free software. And, it allows you to access its source code. So, you can check it if it is totally safe or not.

Furthermore, Light Table offers you cross-platform compatible software which is available for multiple operating systems which includes:

So, there won’t be any type of compatibility issues which you might have to face. Also, the developers of this software have claimed that this software can reduce the timing of programming upto 20%. This software has support to plugins too. So, you can add plugin if you want to make some addition of features and functions in the software as per your requirements.

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