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Marvel – Download & Software Review

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Marvel is a designing platform which is specially used for rapid prototyping and designing websites. It can make new and modern designs for you. Because it includes the latest features as well as technology. Also, this software is developed and distributed by Marvel Prototyping LTD. The main feature is that you can make wireframes and design within minutes. Moreover, there is no coding required while you make it. It will allow you to bring your imagination and creativity to reality even if you don’t know anything about coding. Plus, it is all-in-one software as you can make, process and test the design within the software. In this way, the design will be perfectly working and polishes when it comes out of the software. Other than that, the testing feature will let you know about the user interaction with the design. And, make changes accordingly for the best productivity.

Along with the above features, Marvel is a web-based tool. But, it also offers you a cross-platform application which is available for these platforms:

To use it, just sign up at the official website. You can even download the application from their respective app stores. It has made collaboration with people very fluent. For that, it allows you to share centralise ideas and feedbacks. So, your team can perform in an efficient workflow. There are different subscription models available from which you can choose to get unlimited access.

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