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Microsoft Translator – Download App & Review

Microsoft Translator is a cloud-based translation service that allows you to translate text from one language to another language. Also, it has multi-lingual support which means that it can translate from and to different languages. As it is clear from the name that this service is developed and owned by Microsoft. Moreover, the main feature of this service is that it comes integrated with a lot of web services and software. It includes Bing, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, and Visual Studio, etc. So, it will become easy for you to translate a text while you are using any of these software or services. Other than that, it also offers you with a cross-platform application which is available for the different operating system. It includes:

So, you won’t have to face any type of compatibility issue. You can use it in devices other smartphones too like Apple Watch, Android Wear, etc.

Along with the above features, Microsoft Translator offers text translation APIs which can be integrated with other software or applications. These APIs are available for free and premium versions too. In the free version, it allows 2 million characters per month. While in the premium version, it has support to over a billion characters per month. There is another great feature in it that it offers you with speech translation. You just have to speak the sentence to it. Then, it will automatically translate that text into your preferred language.

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