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Ninja Download Manager – Download & Software Review

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Ninja Download Manager is a software that is used to manage downloads and accelerate the downloading speed. And, it has all the basic functions which should be there is a download manager. Also, there are two versions available of the software. One is NDM which is a free version while the second one is NDM Pro which is a free version. This software provides you applications for Mac OS and Windows devices. So, you can download the application easily. But, if you don’t want to install the application then there is an extension also available for Chrome Browser. Hence, just add the extension and you will be ready to download anything. Whenever you download something, it will be downloaded through the extension. This software will allow you to accelerate any of your downloads. There is another feature of speed limiting in it. Through it, you can limit the speed of any download.

Other than the above, Ninja Download Manager allows you to resume any paused download. It makes no difference if the download has been paused by you or due to lost connection. Also, this software offers you with a lot of themes. These themes can download and applied to the software. So, the look of software can be changed. It also provides support to multiple languages which makes this software a multilingual software.

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