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OpenPhone is a platform which provides communication solutions to businesses and entrepreneurs. It will act as a second phone number where you can receive and make calls. Also, this platform is developed and distributed by OpenPhone Technologies, Inc. The main feature is that it will allow you to use your personal phone as your business phone. Whenever you receive a call, you will get to know if it is personal or business call. Moreover, one can easily manage access to their personal phone. Plus, it allows you to record professional voicemails. So, you can send those. But, if you don’t want that then you can send text messages as well from your business phone. There are Canadian, US and toll-free numbers offered to the users. All things including, call, history, text message, and voicemail can be accessed at one place. Due to this, it becomes pretty hassle-free.

Along with the above features, OpenPhone can be accessed through any web browser on a remote desktop. But, there is a cross-platform application also offered. It is available for multiple platforms. Those platforms include:

In this way, one will be able to use it from anywhere at any time. It will enable businesses to follow work from anywhere approach. So, the client’s response is never delayed. There is another feature that allows you to set specific business hours. You won’t receive any calls outside those hours.

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