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OSmAnd Maps & Navigation – Review & Application Download

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OSmAnd Maps & Navigation is an application which provides mapping and navigation services to the users. The user interface is pretty easy to use and simple. It was first released in the year 2010. Also, this application is developed and distributed by OsmAnd. The main feature is that it allows you to navigate through the whole world including each and every continents. Plus, it has support for day and night view both. Moreover, this app will be pretty good cyclists and people who like skiing. Because it provides a Ski Map View specifically for those kinds of people. Turn by Turn Navigation is offered to the users which specifically voice-assisted. So, you can travel alone quite conveniently.  Also, one can add multiple stops to their journey. In this way, you will be able to visit different places before actually reaching your final destination. It makes everything hassle-free.

Along with the above features, OSmAnd Maps & Navigation offers a cross-platform application which is available for multiple platforms. Those platforms include:

User can download the application for free from their respective app stores. It has support for plugin architecture. So, you can any of which you want for additional features. Those plugins can be installed separately. It provides offline maps as well. Even, there is a feature through which you can share your location with your friends and family. Walking and Hiking paths are also shown in it as well.

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