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OSMC – Download & Software Review


OSMC is a media center software which is open-source and available for free to use. So, anyone can access the source code of the software. It was first released in the year 2014. This software is very simple to use. So, there won’t be any type of learning curve while you start using it. Moreover, this software is based upon Kodi Media Center and Debian Linux. It is consists of the properties of both them. The interface is pretty intuitive and uncluttered. And, you will judge only operating the software on where to go. Other than that, it won’t take much time to install the software. It will hardly take half a minute in order to install the software. Plus, it is kept up to date by the developer’s team. Because it keeps getting updates each and every month. So, you have the latest features at first.

Along with the above features, OSMC is a cross-platform software which is available for different platforms. Those platforms are:

With this wide range of availability, there won’t be any type of compatibility issues which you have to face. Also, this software has its own community. So, if you have a problem with the software or want a new feature then you can put it on the community. And, you will surely get the solution to that thing.

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