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PixelConduit – Download & Software Review

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PixelConduit is a realtime video and visual effects software which can use nowadays. This software is developed by Lacquer. It allows you to render your video in real-time even if it is for Ultra-HD resolution. This is only because of Optimizing Conduit Effect System available in it. Also, you can combine a variety of effects such as blurs, tone curves, and keyers while you are editing a video. This software works on Floating-Point Color i.e. 128-bit RGBA. So, there is no need to get tensed about color quality in your video. Other than these, it will also provide each and every feature which will be used to do advanced tasks. This software is also based on a node-based architecture that can easily create and edit some not so easy effects. It also enables the software to run smoothly and efficiently. The interface is like the modern tools and is very simple.

You know what that you will get these number of features for free. Yes, this software is available for free. It also supports plug-in architecture. SO, if you want to perform work with another plug-in. Then, you can simply install it in the software. This gives you the freedom to work in your own way. It also offers you some ways to create an animation like- Keyframe animation, Procedural animation, and Cue-based animation.

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