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Pocket Earth – Review & Application Download

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Pocket Earth is an application which provides travel guides and maps of the whole world. It will be pretty great for travellers as they will have a map in their pocket while travelling. It was first released in the year 2012. Also, this application is developed and distributed by GeoMagik LLC. The main feature is that it will provide you with offline maps. So, you don’t have to worry about your internet connection while travelling or hiking as well.  Plus, it has support for GPS navigation which will be completely offline. You just have to download the worldwide map then you can go anywhere you want to. Not only that, but the nearby listings of a specific place will also be included in it. So, you are able to explore the place you are travelling to. Other than that, the user interface is pretty intuitive and simple to use.

Along with the above features, Pocket Earth is available for iOS devices only. You can simply download it from their official application store. There is another great feature that it provides travel guides for over 25000 location worldwide. So, one is able to explore the place to the most. Bus and Train lines are also listed. Both paid and free versions are available. The free version will have less and limited features as compared to the paid version. It’s upon you which one you want to use. The user just has to select the city and region which they want to download.

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