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Pocket Rumble – Download & System Requirements

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Pocket Rumble is a 2D-fighting video game which is primarily inspired by SNK’s Classic Fighter. It is a simple fighting game but yet highly competitive. It was first released in the year 2018. Also, the game is developed and distributed by Cardboard Robot Games. The main feature of the game is that it has all the gameplay elements which are in a Street-Fighting style fighter. In this way, it won’t disappoint you in any way. Plus, it is very easy to control. Because there are only 2 buttons through which you can control it with easy special move inputs. Moreover, there is also an on-screen frame data bar. It displays the invulnerability of the character. Also, the damage system is pretty simple and unambiguous. Other than that,  it offers you with single-player and multiplayer mode. In this way, you can enjoy the game alone as well as with your friends.

Along with the above features, Pocket Rumble is a cross-platform which is available for multiple platforms. Those platforms are:

There is a wide range of characters available in the game which you can easily play. Also, there are different game modes available in it. Those are:

So, you won’t get bored with the game. Even, it allows you to swap the character with another one after one round of the game. The characters have a unique meter and mechanics.

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