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Simple Calendar – Download & Application Review

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Simple Calendar is an offline calendar application which supports a lot of customization. It allows you to view the calendar daily, monthly or weekly basis. Also, this application is developed and distributed by Simple Mobile Tools. The main feature is that the application doesn’t contain any advertisements. So, it will surely provide you with the ultimate experience. There is a search function included in it through which you can easily find any scheduled event. Moreover, it takes just a few minutes in order to set an agenda or schedule a task. It will give you prior notifications as well. There are will be reminders before the actual timing. So, you can get to know about the event and be ready for it. Although it is a free application, there is a premium version with additional features available as well. It is totally upon you which one to use.

Along with the above features, Simple Calendar is available for Android devices only. Also, there is support for 29 different languages which makes it a multi-lingual application. You can use the software in any one of your preferred languages from the long list. There are a number of themes available which can be used in the application. These can be customized as well in order to provide a personalized feel to the users. Also, it allows you to sync with other platforms like Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar, Exchange, etc.

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