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Simple Screen Recorder – Download & Software Review

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Simple Screen Recorder is a Qt-based software which offers screencasting and screen recording services to the users. It is pretty simple and easy to use the software. It was first released in the year 2018. Also, this software is developed and distributed by Maarten Baaert. The main feature of the software is that it allows you to capture the video+audio of your device’s full screen as well as some parts of it. It depends on you what is required. Moreover, it has support to record OpenGL applications. So, you will easily be able to record games. Other than that, this software will automatically synchronize the video and audio. So, the audio matches the video accurately. Plus, it can even alter the framerate speed of the video in order to match up with audio if required. Plus, you can pause and resume the recording with a button or keyboard shortcut.

Along with the above features, Simple Screen Recorder is available for Linux devices only. It is available for a number of Linux distributions. So, you can download and install it on them without any cost. There is another great feature in the software that it provides you with statistics which will display the statistics of your device’s performance during the recording. Also, it has customizable video as well as audio encodings. You can even set the frame rate as per your choice before you start the recording.

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