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SQL Buddy is an application that allows you to handle the administration of SQLite and MySQL. It is done with the use of a web browser. Also, it is a web-based application that follows the open-source approach. So, it means that you can easily access its source code and even customize it if you want to. This tool is developed and distributed by Calvin Lough. While building the software, the main emphasis was on the ease of installation. So, it is pretty easy to install and setup as well. You just need to download the file and then unzip it on the server. Moreover, the interface is also intuitive and uncluttered. So, there won’t be any type of problem for you before using it. You just need to have basic knowledge about it. Other than that, it is written in multiple programming languages rather than one.

Along with the above features, SQL Buddy has support to 47 different international languages which makes it a multi-lingual tool. So, you can use it any language you want to from that list. Also, it allows you to make as many users as you want to. The logins are handled directly by MySQL which reduces the chances of any unwanted access to the database. It only needs PHP 4.3+ and MySQL 4+ versions to run. Plus, it has support to different web browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, and Internet Explorer.

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