Top Best Alternative – Download & System Requirements Logo is an online battle royale game which supports multiplayer. It is mainly a browser-based game but it also provides mobile applications to the users. It was first released in the year 2017 for browsers. After that, the mobile version was released in 2018. Also, the game is developed by Nick Clark and Justin Kim while it is distributed by Kongregate. The gameplay is that it follows a top-down approach. It means that you can move your player left, right, top and bottom. The main feature is that it is a 2D game. It means that the graphics won’t be as realistic as other games. But, it surely will give you a good feel and experience. Moreover, you can play this game over the web without downloading it. It will take you to the game where a lot of other players will also be playing it. And, you have to survive.

Along with the above features, is not only available over the web. It also offers you with a cross-platform application available for different devices which includes:

The game is available for free on their respective application stores. The map in the game is pretty huge and you won’t run out of space. Also, you can play solo or as a squad in it. It allows you to make a squad or two or four players at once. It’s upon you which option, you would choose.
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