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Talky is a platform that provides communication tools and services to the users. And, it is one of the simplest platforms where one can do video conferencing. Also, this platform is operated by Talky, Inc. It doesn’t provide you any type of software or application for computers as well as the smartphone. It works in the way that you just have to go to its website. After that, you don’t need to sign up in order to use it. But, it will ask you to create a room with any unique name. Once that room is created then you can share its link with anyone you want. So, they can join you in that particular room. Then, you will easily be able to communicate. Recently, it has developed an application for iOS devices that are available for free to download. So, you can download it to use on your mobile.

Furthermore, Talky allows you to add 15 people in a single group video chat. There are a few software or platform which allows this number of persons simultaneously. It makes this platform pretty efficient for the collaborators. Because they can collaborate with others while being in a remote location. Moreover, it provides support to share the screen of one person to all other ones. So, each of them can take part in that conversation.

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