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ThinkFree Office – Software Download & Review


ThinkFree Office is a suite of several softwares which includes the following software:

You will be able to get these within just a single software. So, it can also be called an all-in-one solution. Because there won’t be any need to download separate software with it. Also, this software is developed and distributed by Hancom, Inc. In spreadsheet software, it offers you features & tool through which you can perform creating and editing of spreadsheet files. Moreover, it is a cross-platform software because it is compatible with Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Android, and iOS devices. Also, there is a web version of the software if you want to use it online. So, you can access it from any device at any time. Through this software, you can view any spreadsheet software online through the internet for free. So, you won’t have to install any software on your device.

Along with the above features, ThinkFree also provides you with features through which you can easily do a collaboration with other people. Also, you can do a real-time collaboration with your team. It will surely increase your performance and efficiency as a team. Other than that, it comes with a word processor to make word files. Also, you can make graphs, charts, etc in the presentation part of the software.

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