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Tossable Digits is a platform which provides virtual phone numbers to the users. You can have a number whenever you want to. In this way, you will always be connected with your clients. Also, this platform is developed and distributed by Telusion, Inc. The main feature is that it offers unlimited virtual numbers to the users. So, they can have as many as they want to. Moreover, one can get a new number or any existing number can also be ported easily to a virtual number. So, you can access it from anywhere. Whenever you receive a phone call then it will ring on the phone which you have connected. Plus, there is not a definite time period to use the number. It can be used for just 2 minutes or even 5 years. That’s totally upon you. It has a cancel anytime feature. So, you don’t pay anything extra.

Along with the above features, Tossable Digits is a web-based service which can be easily accessed through any web browser on a remote desktop. There is customer support also provided to the users. So, they can get their problems or queries resolved as soon as possible. Because of this, there won’t be much problem while using the service. It provides local as well as international numbers without any cost. Different services like unlimited call recording, messages, and voicemail are included in it. There are different plans with various pricing from which you can select any suitable one.

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