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Totally Accurate Battlegrounds – Download & System Requirements

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Totally Accurate Battlegrounds is a battle royale game which supports multiplayer. It is a game that emphasis more on weapons and players. It was first released in the year 2018. Also, this game is developed and distributed by Landfall Games. The gameplayer is pretty simple All the players are air-shipped to a deserted location. There is a vast range of maps available in it. Then, those players are inside a circle which will reduce with time. Then, the players need to collect weapons and other things for survival. And, they have to do this while keeping themselves inside the circle. The last person who will be alive in the game will be the winner. Moreover, it has a feature that differentiates it from other games. It uses slapstick tactical battler which make the characters sloppy and weird. Due to which, there is a lot of worming around and falling down.

Furthermore, Totally Accurate Battlegrounds is available for only Microsoft Windows. Although, it is available for free. Also, it is pretty easy to install and set up the game. You won’t have any type of problem while doing so. There is a physics engine supported in it. This engine is responsible for the exaggerated character motions Also, it has TABG which will do pretty non-conventional things. There is a wide range of weapons and vehicles which you can use in order to survive.

Totally Accurate Battlegrounds
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