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Transmit is a software of file transfer protocol client which is developed specially for Mac OS. It is a very popular software amongst the users because it is fully packed features. Firstly, this software has support to the only FTP protocol. But after that, it has been updated with new features and protocol frequently. Because of which it has support to a lot of protocols which are given below:

The user interface of the software is also intuitive and easy to understand. Moreover, it is a premium software. So, you have to buy in order to use it. Still, it offers you with 7-days free trial through which you can use the software on a trial basis for seven days. Other than that, this software allows you to mark local as well as remote files, folders, etc as your favorites. In this way, it enables you to get one-click access to those folders which you use frequently. It will only increase productivity.

Along with the above features, Transmit has a feature that allows you to perform uploading with the use of the dashboard widger as well as the dock. With that, it offers you to add labels to files or folders which may assist you. Also, it has an interface that allows you to directly jump into the parent directory in which you are currently working in. It can save you time.

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Download Transmit
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