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Twitch is a platform where users can do live streaming and also share videos on the channel. This platform is owned by Twitch Interactive (Subsidiary of Amazon). And, it was launched in 2011. This platform mainly focuses on games. And, the user streams their game live on it. After live streaming is over, they also upload the videos on the platform. Other than games, the broadcasting of esports competition, music and creative content. The most recent addition in that list is the real-life streams. It also allows you to view the live streams as well as uploaded videos without registering on the platform. Although, if you want to like/comment on a live stream or on any video then you will need an account. And, that can be easily made through just a few clicks. There are over 1.5 million broadcasters. And, the number of viewers are over 100 million per month.

Other than the above features, you can subscribe to various channels. So, you can get notification whenever they go live or upload a video. There are a lot of social features available on the platform. So, you can easily share the video on the various social media platforms. The software of twitch is available for both windows and mac os devices. Along with that, the app can also be download for the android as well as ios devices.
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