Top Best Alternative Review Logo is a free platform that provides URL shortening services to users. And, the users can earn money by joining this platform. Also, this is one of the easy to use platforms that have been made. It is so that the publishers don’t have any problem in operating this. You can shorten the URLs through this platform. And then, you will start earning money through it. Moreover, it is pretty easy and simple to get started with it. You just have to create an account. And, that can be done within just a few clicks. After the account has been created, you can shorten a link. Then, you will start making money through it. Also, it allows you to share the link online. Or, you can share it on any social media or other platforms.

The payout rate for 1000 views is a maximum of $8. Because of which it has become a boon for the publishers. Other than above, also has a support team that is dedicated to solving the customer’s queries. So, in case if you have any problem then there is no need to worry. You can simply get in touch with the support team and get your issue resolved. In the referral program, you can easily earn a 20% commission for each of the users joined by your referral.

Minimum Payout: $5.

Payment Methods: Paypal, Payoneer, and Bitcoin.

CPM Rates: $2.50 to $7.

Alexa Rank: Around 7k.

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