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WPS Office Spreadsheets – Software Download & Review

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WPS Office Spreadsheets is a software that is a part of the WPS office suite. It is used to create and edit spreadsheets within a single software. Also, this software is developed by Kingsoft Corporation. There two versions available of the software. First is the free version while the second is the premium version. Though there is just a slight difference between these two. The free version has access to all the features but it comes with ads. So, you can get rid of those ads by buying the premium software. This software will provide you with support to .csv, .xls, and .xlsx files. So, it is fully compatible with Excel. The sheets in it are in the tabular form. And, you can easily make pivot tables in it. There is a rare feature called Advanced Modeling. With it, you can easily do analyzing with the help of what-if.

Furthermore, WPS Office Spreadsheets have a good number of built-in functions & formulas which you can use. All of these will only make your work easier and efficient. Moreover, it allows you to make charts and graphs. In this way, you can make it more intuitive as well as easily understandable. Also, it has a few built-in table formats which you can use. There is some advanced formatting tool with which you can easily tweak with the data in the cells.

WPS Office Spreadsheets
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